English Hanuman Chalisa

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English Hanuman Chalisa by Jon Seskevich and Friends 7:40

I am so happy and blessed to have recorded this unique English version of the Hanuman Chalisa. Originally I was going to record it for myself so I could help learn the words, then some friends joined me to create something beautiful for everyone to enjoy.

The Hanuman Chalisa is a 40-verse beloved Hindu prayer written by Tulsi Das and chanted all over the world as part of a daily practice or in times of stress to help overcome life’s obstacles. Hanuman is a unique model of love and spiritual service.  It is said: “With the singing of the Hanuman Chalisa the impossible is made possible.” To learn more about the Chalisa, go here for a great interview with Krishna Das.

This English translation of the Hanuman Chalisa was done by Sadhu Ramdas Lamb in 1971 at the request of Neem Karoli Baba also know as Maharaji (from Ram Dass’ Be Here Now) while at the Hanuman Temple in Vrindavan, India.  Maharaji wanted the Westerners to know the meaning of the chant they were practicing. Used by kind permission. Here is a link to the words….

Ramdas said that he finished it that very night. He uses a lot of English words and phrases that can be found in the Gita Press version of Tulsidas’s Ramcharitmanas like “valiant”, “minute form”, “thought, word, and deed,” “storehouse of knowledge” and “son of the wind God” etc. so it’s quite congruent with this commonly accepted text. As a special boon with this translation is that he wrote it so any melody the Chalisa is sung in Hindi, can also be used now to chant in English. Today Ramdas Lamb Ph.D is a professor of Comparative Religion at the University of Hawaii.

More information about this can be found at the  the bottom of the webpage: The Hanuman Chalisa For Difficult Times.
Thanks to Vaughn Paul Manley for his assistance with this project!

Instrumentalists, Vocalists:

Jon Seskevich: vocal, harmonium, and mountain dulcimer.
Danielle Koppel: Vocal
Chris Mankoff: Violin
Mark Smith: Guitar
K. Sridhar: Manjira
Munsie Davis: Tamboura
Kapila: Kohl

Recorded at Nightsounds Studio in Carrboro, NC Produced: Jon, Meghan Puryear & K. Sridhar


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“In the Chalisa, we bow to the great beauty, strength, and devotion that Hanuman embodies; we also begin to bow to that place in ourselves. The Chalisa inspires us to try to become like him, to make the mirror of our heart as clean as Hanuman’s so that we can become aware of the great beauty and love that lives within us as our own true nature.” Krishna Das             
Did you ever see the online pictures of Barack Obama’s hands holding a little Hanuman statue from Indonesia? Here are a couple. In Obama’s audiobook he speaks of Hanuman and what a mighty hero he is!
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