Jon Facilitates Weekly Meditations in Duke Hospital Chapel

Duke Pastoral Services and DUH’s ACP Pain and Stress Management Team offer weekly, open meditation sessions at DUH’s Chapel. The sessions, which are open to all staff, patients, and visitors of diverse beliefs and life philosophies, are focused on spiritual health and stress management. The sessions are from 3-3:30 pm every Thursday on the 6th floor of Duke Hospital in the Chapel.

How did I manage stress when I was in nursing school?

How did I manage stress when I was in nursing school? View this 1987 video of a rap song I wrote, and then sang with classmates.

“This rap was recorded in 1987 by University of North Carolina nursing students. After listening to Run-DMC Jon Seskevich made up this hip hop tune about his classmates and experiences while walking to his psychiatric nursing clinical rotation in Chapel Hill NC. This video was shot later in the semester for the school’s video yearbook. Jon is now a nurse clinician specializing in Stress Management at Duke Hospital.”

How can you manage stress? Visit my Stress Management Education website to access wonderful material that can help you reduce the wear and tear that comes with all the recent changes in the economy and in life in general. Also some great research that I’ve been involved in is featured on the site.